World Power Components provides the sourcing solution to your critical requirements for Printed Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, and Complete Assemblies. Our offshore facilities are fully ISO certified to meet your most stringent quality requirements. Our Contract Manufacturing depth and experience lets us leverage our large factory purchasing power for your specific needs, regardless of your quantity requirements. Strict adherence to Quality Engineering, WPC’s Flex Scheduling, combined with our experienced team of sourcing professionals results in an improved bottom line for you, our valued partners.

Our unique approach to PCB fabrication and assembly allows you the flexibility to have your PCBS arrive at your dock in the quantities you require for your unique schedule requirements. Our focus on your product mix and volume gives you access to costing and flexibility usually available only to much larger OEMs. Our local source relationships in Asia let us bring the best of the world’s materials and technology directly to you. Whether single or double sided, single or multilayer, our design engineers and product managers can help enhance your products for manufacture in our state of the art facilities. 100 % QA processes ensures your product will be made to your specification, every time.

Power Supplies to Adjustable Beds
World Power Components offers both open and enclosed chassis styles for all modern adjustable beds. The power supply to the motor of an adjustable bed is critical and require unique applications with or without Power Factor Correction (PFC). Our adjustable bed power supplies are designed to meet your most demanding applications, ranging from 5 to 2500 watts of power in a compact footprint to meet your design parameters in wall hugging and pillow tilting as well as head and foot tilting. The massage motors of adjustable bed frames also require a power supply. You can read the most accurate split king adjustable bed reviews or supply us with your specifications to learn more about the top rated reclining beds and mattresses. Our design engineers will do the rest and gladly develop a sample for your testing and approval at no cost to you.

Split-king size adjustable beds
Up to 850 lb weight lifting capacity on split king size adjustable beds

Queen and full-size adjustable bases
Up to 600 lb weight lifting capacity on queen and full size beds

Hospital Beds (Electric/Reclining models)
We also manufacture non-residential adjustable bed frames for hospitals. Physically disabled and senior patients find these electric-operated reclining beds enormously helpful in improving their mobility and blood supply.

We work closely with you to develop your product to your specific requirements, and assume complete production responsibilities for your assembled unit. Our core team of engineers, production managers and sourcing experts have the combined experience to take your project from concept to completion to your exacting standards. With complete access to sheetmetal and plastic fabrication, PCB assembly, electronic components, as well as a complete process flow control, World Power Components can let you focus on your core expertise as we support your complete assembly needs. This approach allows you to eliminate excessive vendor involvement, working directly with our single contract manufacturing support. Our factory is certified to the latest ISO and ECN requirements and directives.

For precision stamped products, we offer the latest in CAD/CAM interfacing, CNC turret presses and an extensive array of pressroom equipment to fit your needs. Assembly services, in house tooling design and development, customized packaging and inventory management programs all add up to the maximum value for our customers. We can assist you with design and engineering services, or help modify your existing product. From concept to completion, we offer a full range of services. Send us your part drawings or prints, and we will gladly furnish a complete, concise quotation for your review.

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